Monday, February 12, 2007

Feeling sluggish.......

Well it has been awhile since I have updated (again), but I am sure you all know what that can be like from time to time.

Mother Nature finally decided that we indeed needed to have winter weather, and we have been under freezing conditions for about 2 weeks now. Not much in the way of snow, but I tell you, the cold temps are just unacceptable! I figure that if we haven't had winter by now, then we certainly just don't need it. (guess that is why I am NOT Mother Nature) :)

Due to this frequent changes in temperatures, I have been feeling mighty sluggish, and have been suffering with migraines again. This has really begun to cramp my creativity, but I am trying to get back on board. I have managed to get some layouts done this month, which I am feeling pretty good about, but I do need to finish up with my class layouts as well.

My FIL has been in the hospital as well for the past 2 weeks, and well, finally is doing much better. This has all been playing with my emotions and of course, I have been trying to keep things going at home while we all deal with those matters. Before Christmas he had his bladder removed, due to cancer, and had been experiencing some difficulties having a bowel movement, and was full of pain in the stomach. He ended up in the ER, where they did an emergency surgery to have part of his intestines removed. He is now, thankfully, building up strength, and is allowed to have some solid foods back in his diet. We are still praying that he will be able to come home some time this week. His birthday is tomorrow, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!

Too much going on all at once.....between hospital visits and sluggish weather.....well that is my time in a nutshell. Hopefully things will improve the rest of the week and I will have something more exciting to post!!!

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