Sunday, February 08, 2009

Well the weekend is over....

Well here we are, Sunday evening and the weekend is just about over. It has been quite busy around here, but then again, that really isn't anything new. I had a great visit with a friend on Friday, and we spent the afternoon in my scrap room, which was a lot of fun. I worked on my March classes and because I was motivated and inspired, I continued with that over the rest of the weekend. In all, I have 3 ready to go and am planning out a couple of more.

Saturday was the usual, with running of errands and house cleaning. Once that was done, it was back to the scrap room to more creating. I managed to get a few cards made using up more of my scraps, worked on another class layout for March and worked on a couple of layouts for a friend.
I will have to get the cards scanned or photographed, and I will share those some time this week.

My scraps have gotten out of control, and I have decided that I needed to use them up before I was going to start creating anymore layouts for my albums. (where we all know would just create even more scraps) My goal is to have used enough scraps by the end of February that I can actually then think about working with my photos and creating pages for my own albums again. (this will be nice, as it has been way too long) Of course, once I have created anything new, I will be sharing it here with all of you.

I do hope that you all have had a great weekend, and were able to find some time to create!

Be watching and I will share my cards with you this upcoming week.

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