Wednesday, March 25, 2009

May we always remember.......Marc Connor

March 25, 1991---Marc Connor lost his battle with AIDS

Eighteen years ago the world lost one of its most beautiful people. Marc was an extraordinary individual with the most amazing talent. A true showman, always giving everyone the best performance - a powerful voice that could send shivers down your spine and bring tears to your eyes, and a sparkling personality.

Marc had a great passion for life and such a renewed energy, that one could not help but feed off the vibes when you were in his presence. He never gave up, always pushed to be better, and was a true inspiration to anyone that met him.

He touched so many with his voice, opened up our eyes about such things as the condition of the environment, of which he was very passionate about, and he had such a way about him to make you feel ever so special when in his presence. Everyone was important to him, even if you only had the opportunity to talk to him for just one moment. Those small moments, are to last a life time. I know they certainly do for me!

Never forgotten

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