Sunday, August 21, 2011

HOME/Reality sets in

Well holidays are over, and I am home, yet again! I can't believe how quickly summer has flown by! It seems we wait through out a very long and dragged out winter for the nice weather to arrive and stick around and then POOF...just like that it flies right by! How is that even considered to be fair?

Holidays were GREAT! Had a wonderful road trip with hubby! It was so good to finally be out of the house, spending some one on one quality time with him! We don't get to do this near often enough to suit me! The roads were certainly well traveled this week and lots of photos were taken! I will share some with you all within a few days.

Now that I am home, it is time to get back to some sort of normalcy with routine and schedules. This is the worst part of holiday wind down. Makes me wish we could just pick up and escape NOW! Since this is not a possibility, it means time to get my mind wrapped around all of the things here that are calling my name. I have to tend to the laundry (after DH gets new dryer hooked up) Our dryer, unfortunately decided to die on us just before we left on our holidays. Oh one was purchased and delivered and now is actually getting hooked up. This was a nice surprise when we got home! This will definitely make getting the laundry caught up nicer when I get that far (tomorrow). Have been on a cleaning frenzy today, and have been getting some things accomplished. Not as much as I would like, at this point, but we just got home last night!!!

Tomorrow will more than likely be better in the cleaning department. Today I am tired and just really not feeling all that into the whole cleaning thing! I guess I can take a day off after holidays to get that 'home mode' back! Then it will be time to kick it into full gear, schedules, routine and back to having my mind working on over load with everything that needs to get done!

Hopefully after this week is over, and life gets back to the norm, I will be able to even sit and consider getting some creativity happening. I lack motivation, inspiration and drive anymore for this. It seems that if I am not creating class things, I am not creating! I have to make this stop and put into my schedule some ME time in this area. It is my goal to get the inspiration flowing, the photos printed and then let the creativity flow! Wish me luck!!

Until next time!

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