Saturday, March 10, 2007

Has been a good week

Well this past week has been a good one. I know I haven't updated since the 5th, but I was actually busy scrapping! I accomplished 6 layouts this past week, and it feels good!!! I think it is safe to say that my MOJO has found me again and the inspiration has settled in!

This weekend really hasn't been eventful, but has been a productive one! I have been busy cleaning through the house, and reorganizing my scraproom, yet again! It seems that this is a never ending story! Since I moved into James' room, I haven't really gotten everything set up the way I would like to. It is a big job, and I really didn't feel like constantly organizing everything. I wanted to find time to create too! That is the hardest part for me! If I continue to organize so that I finally can be finished with it (ok, if there is such a thing), then I wouldn't find time to actually be creative and use all those products that I am trying to then what would be the real point there?!!!

Last weekend, it was organizing the flowers and sorting through scraps of papers. Today's projects was organizing all of the smaller embellishments. This was quite the task, and I am still not completely done yet! I did manage to get all of the buttons, brads and metal embellishments all done though. Man, I have accumulated so much of those things! I just about croaked when I saw the stash of stuff that I had to do something with!

I think for the most part, I am done all I really can do at this point though. I think if I had cabinets on the wall, it might make a bit of difference, but I am happy with what I have done now. At least I am able to go up and vaccum through the room and now take some time off to create again!

So be on the look out for more creations being shared next week! I am sure there will be some along the way.

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Peggy said...

WHOOO HOOO!! Way to organize girl!! When you coming to my house??