Monday, March 10, 2008

Today will be busy

Well the weekend has come and gone, and most of my plans went right on by too. I had plans to scrap the weekend away and have some new stuff to share with everyone, but for some reason (ok, many reasons), that didn't happen quite the way I wanted it to.

I was in my scraproom with the best intentions, and yes, I did manage to put together a 2 page spread that I will share with you all at the end of this post, but that was the end of the creating!
As I was working on this page (that I started late last week), I realized how much my room needs to get cleaned up and organized again. It was crazy trying to find the items that I knew I had, that I wanted to use on this layout.

Today I am going to be busy working on getting this straightened up once and for all. I got a little taste of creating, and now don't want to stop again. I have many ideas floating around in my head, so now it is a necessity to get this room fixed up so that nothing will hault my creative juices.

Hopefully it won't be too long to get things in order, but I will share new revamped photos of my room on here once I get this done. (and before I make a mess again)

For today, I will share the layout I did manage to complete. This one is in Memory of Jeff Healey, may he rest in peace.


Julie said...

*knock knock* Where is my Sassy woman!!!!! miss ya GF!!

Julie said...

Hey lady! You need to update this thing!! *LOL*
How can a woman tag you if you ain't around??
Oh well I tagged ya anyway!