Sunday, June 13, 2010

Hamilton Wingfest

It is evident that festival season has begun in the Hammer, and I am loving every bit of it!!! I look forward to festival season every year and it really couldn't have started at a better time for me!Last night was the opening of Hamilton's Wingfest, and Kim Mitchell was playing. I was so jazzed up and raring to go for last night. I really was looking forward to having a great night out to have fun, and the weather was even good for it. Thankfully, Mother Nature decided to be nice, and although the clouds started to roll in, we weren't blessed with any rain at all!!!!

We headed down to the festival a little early and were able to catch a great new band from Toronto on stage. They have a pretty good sound, and they are brothers. If you get a chance you should check them out here at Fairchild. They were the band that performed right before Kim went on stage.

Just prior to Kim starting, I was standing there and I got a text. I thought it might have been my sister asking me if I was there, but it was my good friend T!!!! She was telling me to have a great time and that I did! I even called her and told her to listen, but we had a bad connection...LOL. She probably thought I had too much to drink or that I really just had rocks in my head, but I am sure she still loves me anyways!!!! After all it was a WILD PARTY and I was in ROCKLAND WONDERLAND, with PATIO LANTERNS!!!! :)

Anyways, just wanted to share some of the photos from last night's concert! It was amazing and Kim NEVER disappoints! I was just so happy to have gotten out of the house and have such a fun time as this has been a pretty frazzling week for me, and well, I just needed to relax, unwind and just think about ME for a change! It felt GREAT!!!!


More like....etc. said...

looks and sounds like you had a great time! :D

Laura said...

Glad you had such a good time, you needed and deserved it!
Ps I've now tried 3 times to post using my google id but it just won't accept it. So here's my Twitter.

Laurie (Wally) said...

Oh wow... love the pictures... looks like you had a great time...