Thursday, June 03, 2010

Summer Shutterbug Challenge

Well it is beginning to feel like summer has already arrived here in Ontario, although it has been quite wet this past week. I have been loving the sun and warmer temperatures and getting this early taste of the summer season.

With summer comes many opportunities for photo ops and that will lead to even more creations down the road. Summer means getting outdoors more, spending quality time with family and friends and making lots of new memories.

At Scraptures, we have 3 different Shutterbug challenges on the go for the summer months. I love the idea of these challenges to help in the pursuit of new photos. One of these challenges is the Summer Shutterbug challenge. For this challenge a list of 100 different photos has been posted. We have been asked to take as many of these photos as we can, from now, until the end of August. Each one listed is just a word. We are told we can interpret them the way we see fit, and this is going to really allow us to think beyond the lense.

I have printed off the list and have already begun to take those photos. I am so looking forward to seeing how many of these I can get done, and will definitely have lots of great fun creating my pages using my new photos.

This photo was taken for #6 Nature. I love the softness of the plant life with the ladybug on the branch.

This is for #12 Floral. This yellow rose was planted in my back garden as a memorial for my Mother. Yellow roses were her favourite.

This photo was taken for #18 Made of Wood. This is a tree trunk that is in the Arboretum in Hamilton, Ontario. It reminds me of Grandmother Willow in Disney's Pochahontas.

This photo was taken for #60 Strength. This is Webster's Falls. The strength of water.....

Stay tuned for more photos from this challenge and some from some of the others. I am hoping to get lots of new photos to scrap this summer and can't wait to begin going on all of those adventures!!!


Chelle said...

Great photos. I love the tree.

More like....etc. said...

gorgeous pictures Lisa :D

Laurie (Wally) said...

Wow Lisa... I love your photos... Thanks for all your comments on my blog... you are awsome...