Thursday, October 21, 2010

Love my yard!

I so love my yard. Even with the wonderful, warm, season over, there is always so much to love in my yard. I miss all the colour of the garden, and getting out to tend to it in the sunshine, but the view can still be spectacular from time to time. This morning was a very busy one in the yard, and I just thought I would share some of my photos of this morning with you! Hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

The Gold Finches frequent my yard, and altogether I have seen 3 couples feeding on my Cosmos along with plenty of babies! I love this sight!

Blue Jays are no stranger to my yard!

They have the most beautiful and striking colour and I love to listen to them as they 'warble' with happiness when the peanuts are plenty for the eating! I love to watch them sit in the lilac tree and watching them gobble up peanuts can be quite entertaining!

This little Red Headed Woodpecker is the most comically of the fine feathered friends that come and visit in my yard. Watching them eat the peanuts and sunflower seeds is delightful. They work so very hard pecking away and getting their fill. I love watching him fly into the tree and peck away at the sunflower seeds to break it open! Such a wonderful delight to see in the morning!

Mama and Papa Cardinal.....simply beautiful! They jump from branch to branch in the lilac tree making sure that it is safe to get in on the seeds! I love how papa will watch out for mama while she eats. He is never far from her at all. I love when he gets the seeds and feeds her! Such a beautiful site to see!

Now this last feathered friend was quite the surprise this morning! I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw this magnificent creature sitting on the top of the tree. I thought I was 'seeing' things! By the time I had grabbed my camera, he was getting ready to fly away, but I managed to capture this wonderful shot just in time! I so love nature and the joy it can bring! Even nicer when it is right in your very own backyard!


More like....etc. said...


I *heart* birds! ~great to see you blogging! ;)

stampinlynn said...

Awesome photos and your blog rocks tfs

kimberly said...

amazing pics of the birds!!!