Thursday, April 08, 2010

Altered Art

Do you like to alter items? Have you ever looked at something and thought that you could do something pretty cool with that?

I love to alter things and find that I look at EVERYTHING with a different perspective. I love thinking outside the box and changing an item to freshen it up. I love seeing something new, in something that may be old or seem to be a piece of junk. I just love to create and there isn't anything that I wouldn't try at least once, I don't think.
Altered items make for some quick and easy projects and they make for great gifts. It is a great way to personalize an item and let your imagination flow. The possibilities are endless and only limited by your imagination.
It could be something as simple as a composition book, a paint can, a wooden box or even an empty box. The fun part is seeing what you can do with the item and with all of the wonderful papers on the market, you could alter the piece to fit any decor, or suit any personality.


More like....etc. said...

Awesome projects Lisa!! :D

I dabble with 'altered art' every so often... then I end up throwing it out! LOL

hope your headaches take a hike!
~I can totally relate.

Denise Gay said...

Wow Lisa, amazing work. Beautiful!

Just 'T' said... are so freakin talented~~~Love all those projects