Thursday, April 29, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy

This past week has certainly been a busy one. I have so much on my TO DO list, and I have been working hard at getting things done. It seems with each and every thing that I get done on my list, there is something else being added to that list. I guess that it seems there will always be something to get done, but that is certainly better than having so much time on my hands that I would be bored.

There are challenges to be done, classes to prep for, classes to design (yes, I am already thinking of what to do in June), Scraptures DT stuff to be done, and oh yes, of course, thinking of National Scrapbook Day too!

This Saturday, as many of you already know, is National Scrapbook Day. At Scraptures, it will be my first official day as a member of their team, and we are having a Members Choice Day. It should be a lot of fun and I am really looking forward to seeing what our members will have in store for all of us! I am also hoping that I will have a couple things to offer to help make the day fun, but I still have my thinking cap on for that! With the crowd of girls over there, I am sure the day will be full of fun stuff and lots of great creations!

There is also a lot of NSD stuff happening all over the net, so I am sure there will be no lack of inspiration floating around. I am hoping to be able to spend the day in my room, creating away and having fun! There is suppose to be rain here on Saturday, so that shouldn't be a problem. I have layouts in my head, cards that need to be created, and a couple of mini albums I am looking forward to getting planned and started. We shall see how much time is available for the actual creating, but I am positive that there will definitely be some new things to share by the days end.

Hope everyone has a great time on Saturday and I do hope that you all will find some way to spend creating and playing along to celebrate our hobby!

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Just 'T' said...

oh baby you can bet your cardstock that i'll be creating something tomorrow LOL...hopefully lots :D