Monday, April 12, 2010

Pass It On

Today has been catch up day. I have been playing catch up with things around the house and the laundry. Will be doing some yard work later this afternoon, and I also need to get started on my May classes. Hopefully something will transpire and the ideas will start flowing once I get going.
The sun is shining, and it is making it hard to stay indoors and not want to get out in the yard, but patience is a virtue. Later on, I will get out there!

I was reading blogs and came across a post by Jen about Pass It On!
The post has a link that takes you to Jacque's blog. Take a look at her blog. She is very talented and has some amazingly sweet cards on her blog. Lots of great inspiration there in creating some amazing cards, as well as inspiration in life. She is celebrating her blog birthday with a prize give away.

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I'm super happy to know that you enjoy my blog - it really lifts me! thanks a bunch!!