Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Mary, Mary, quite contrary

How does your garden grow? Well my garden has really started to explode over the past week and the blooms are all a plenty! Today's weather was absolutely gorgeous, the sun was shining, and the temperatures were so summer like! It is time to embrace it while you can, because they are calling for rain during the first long weekend of the season. Here is a small peek into my garden, which is one of my 'other' passions!

My bearded Iris is one of the focal point in my yard and I just love the colour of these! Below are the Martha Barlow Columbine and Clematis. I just love the poofy floral heads on these Columbine. They are a tall and slender plant and they have the prettiest little blooms. The bees love these and I so love being amongst the nature in my very own backyard. The Clematis grows up a pole that is in my yard that was put there by the previous owner. They used to grow grapes, but instead of trying to remove the poll, I decided to utilize it.

My Miniature Iris look so pretty and have really multiplied over the years. I just love these for their shape and their colour. Lots of fun inspiration comes from walking through my garden. It is no wonder that I love floral patterns and beautiful fresh colours in scrapping. My chives are in bloom and I can' t wait until I can harvest it and use it in my cooking and summer salads! Nothing any better than fresh herbs when you are cooking!

Well I hope you have liked taking a small tour of my garden, and perhaps these photos can also inspire you! Hard to believe that when we bought the house there was no fence and the entire backyard was cement! It has been a lot of work, but it has so been worth it! I will try and share more photos as more things begin to bloom and I will get some over view shots as well! This is something on my TO DO list:)


Churchrules said...

So pretty. I miss my garden. The garden at this house was planted by the former owners. Yuck. Anyone want my roses? I'll trade you for something to take their place. (hubby doesn't want a patch of dirt left behind for the weeds, so I can't just pull them out)

Laurie (Wally) said...

Great garden Lisa.. I still don't have much blooming.. but it is starting....

sarah said...

those are such beautiful pictures of your flowers!!

thanks so much for sharing them. they put a smile on my face.


sarah said...

just letting you know that right after you left me a comment -- i posted my announcement. hope you enjoy it. :)


Just 'T' said...

Your flowers are so pretty :)