Monday, March 22, 2010

Busy day!

Well, the weather is damp, and not much sun is to be had here at all. After being spoiled with above average temperatures last week, this is really dreadful. I know that Spring has 'officially' arrived, but it certainly doesn't feel like it today.

I am diligently trying to get my April classes done and out of the way, and I have this killer headache. If the weather would only co-operate with me, then all would be great in my world! We know that isn't going to happen for a few more days though, so I just have to deal with things and move forward. I am almost done with classes, so I shouldn't really complain too loudly!
With Spring's arrival, comes Spring Cleaning! Don't you just love it? There is always so much to be done and when the weather is warm and sunny, I don't want to be stuck indoors. I started with the cleaning back in January, by sorting through drawers and purging closets, and lots of stuff went out for donation. This was a great jump start on things and this past weekend, I did the kitchen. That was a full job in its self with hauling everything out of the cabinets, washing the shelves and then putting everything back. It is so much better out there and who would have thought, there is actually some extra space in the cabinets.
Next is going to be the scrap room. Although I just did a revamp of things, I have come the vast conclusion that it is time for me to do a major purge. In the past couple of months, I have been doing personal creating again, and have come across quite a bit of stuff that just isn't grabbing my attention to be used, and I could really use the space for those things I will use down the road. It has come that I have spread some of my stuff into the upstairs hallway, just to get it out from under foot while working in my room, so something has got to give!!! I will be happy once this work is done. I am hoping to be able to get started with it tomorrow before heading out to teach class at the LSS.
This past weekend, I also started a project that was part of the SCRAP-HOUR over at Scraptures that Laurie hosted. It was a lot of fun, and I just know that I will be making more as time goes by. This project will make for some great gift items, and they are quick and easy to make. I will be sharing my project in my next post, so stay tuned to see!


Denise Gay said...

Speaking of spring cleaning...the sun is shining here and I would love to get started on my windows today but right now I am sitting in my chair with my feet up while the little ones are napping, so....well you know...LOL

Just 'T' said...

There is no way i'm cleaning anything until Dh has stopped making sawdust INSIDE my house LOL

You had rain, we just had a cloudy day but Dh just finished telling me we had ice pellets ...WTH is up with that :(

Oh well, enjoy your cleaning...if that's possible ~~