Wednesday, March 24, 2010


As scrap bookers, we very often over look preserving our own memories, especially those of our childhood. Many of us, don't like to get in front of the camera now, as adults, and seldom do we stop to think to scrap our childhood photos. It is funny when you think about it though, as our hobby is all about preserving memories, so that our future generations will know what was going on in our photos. Yet, we shutter away from being in those photos or telling OUR story in our albums.

I don't really understand why that is, but it is something that really should be rethought and changed before it is too late and our grandchildren are sitting there asking the same types of questions that we may find, we are asking about our Grandparents now.
Recently, at Scraptures, it has been brought up whether or not we have an album, a mini book or anything with our childhood photos scrapped. Many of the ladies, answered no to this very question. In some cases, it is perhaps because they are not sure how to scrap those photos, perhaps the parents still have them, or even perhaps they don't see the reason for it.

I decided that since the topic was brought up, that I would share some older layouts that I did, in hopes of inspiring others out there to remember to scrap their childhood memories. I don't really have many photos of me as a child, but felt that I should preserve them. I have many memories and in some cases those memories are written down, without photos.

The big questions that we all should sit back and ask ourselves are:

Do we want to be remembered?
Do we really want our Great Grandchildren to know who we were?
Do we think it should be a guessing game?
We have the power, deep within us, to make a change in what happens in our future. I, for one, wish I had the opportunity to sit with my Grandmother and ask her questions about her family, about herself, and about the people in the photos that she left behind. I don't want to see my grandchildren or great grandchildren to have to wish for this opportunity. I want them to be able to sit back, look at the photos, and KNOW who those faces belong to, and what kind of life those people had, including myself.

I am challenging everyone out there to scrap a layout of YOU, from your childhood. If you do, please post a comment here and link to your page!


Chelle said...

I haven't done a layout in a long time about myself but I have done some with the photos that I do have. When I get to go through my mom's stuff, the one thing I am hoping to bring home with me is the BOX of photos she has from over the years.

Laura said...

I did a bunch of layouts of my childhood but there are not many stories, just pics and captions. I'd like to go back and capture the stories of my childhood. Sunday morning adventures with dad. Mom staying up all night to sew mr a new Christmas dress. Holidays at my grandparents' marina. So many good memories. And funny stories! Lol. Thanks for the prompt Lisa.