Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Revamped my Scrapbook Room

So much has been going on with me, and just before Christmas, I decided that in order to get back to basics, my scraproom needed some attention and reorganizing.

I used to have a hutch on the counter top, which just wasn't
practical for me anymore. It had shelves and was quite nice, but it really didn't give me enough storage place for my ever growing supplies.

I had some of the cubes before, that I had purchased at Michael's, and they went on sale again, so I went out and got some more. After getting them home and putting them together, I was able to get them all on the counter in an orderly fashion, that I am truly happy with.

Everything has a place now, and I am so easily able to find what I am looking for, and clean up is a breeze after a day of creating!
Because my room is better organized, I have found that I am able to be more productive and have already found the creative juices flowing since the beginning of February. After a creative jump, cleaning up my room is a cinch too! Lots of things get pulled out, but I am able to keep it tidied up after each creative session. This works well for me, because I really don't like to have to go and clean up before being able to create again. It has really allowed me to find "me" time again, along with working on my classes, my kits and doing pages for others. I love to create and am so grateful for being able to have this personal space in my home! What more could a girl ask for?


Laura said...

I need a room. My stuff is mostly tidied but I don't have a good space so I drag it all upstairs to work on then have to tidy it up and take it all downstairs again. Ugh. Great space Lisa.

Laurie (Wally) said...

Yupp great space Lisa... I need your help in my space... I can pay with baked goods..>LOL!!

mommamikki said...

wow what a room...can I have it? LOL