Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spring's arrival

Well, today's weather is absolutely perfect, with the sun shining bright! The air is a bit cool, but the sun feels warm and the rest of this week is suppose to be gorgeous! I took the opportunity today to get out in the yard and start with the major clean up that is needed, so that all the new growth can breathe and flourish. Everything is popping out of the ground already, and there are even some blooms out there. Such a nice start to the season, and it can only getting better from here on in.
Recently at Scraptures, T has started a Shutterbug Challenge, and although I missed getting mine done last week, when she posted it, I did it today! I figure I had better get better at doing this, as she has already posted another one for this week. The challenge was to take a photo from a bird's eye view. So after being out in the yard and looking down at the beautiful flowers, I
decided that that is what I would take my photo of. (I took 3)

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Scrap~tures said...

Yay!! Spring!! Great shots!