Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Shutterbug Challenge March 29-April 4

Well, T, has been at it again! This week she has us taking pictures from the kitchen!

Since I was late with last week's challenge, I decided that I had better get this one done on time! Some of the gals have taken their photos already, and everyone's vary. We have had cakes, appliances, and of course, I had to be different with mine (AGAIN)

My photo is of something that just sits there, but brings me much joy! It is something that always brings a smile to my face and constantly reminds me of my childhood.

So here we have it, from my kitchen:


Scrap~tures said...

these are too cute!

Just 'T' said...

hahahaha I love the Pilsbury dough boy~ adorable~~

Mary said...

Ack. How cute are they?!? No wonder they make you smile.

(Sara's Mom on Scraptures)